3 Deadly Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In the last post, we outlined three important reasons for using Facebook Ads to promote your Facebook Page.  It Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet. Although Google and Twitter are trying hard to take over the top spot, Facebook remains the place to be if you […]

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook Advertising

3 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is an extremely cost effective method to promote your business. After all, building a Facebook page is free. However, a Facebook page is only effective if you can increase the number of people who are interested enough in the content on your Facebook page to “Like” […]

3 Ways to Actively Engage Your Facebook Fans and Hold Their Interest

The more you actively engage the fans on your Facebook page, the more likely your page is to show up in newsfeeds and attract attention. No one knows the exactly formula Facebook uses to determine which pages show up and when, but most authorities believe that fan interaction is an […]

Facebook fans

Facebook Fan Page

3 Tips to Attract Fans to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is indisputably one of the most powerful social media platforms and consequently offers great potential to market yourself and your brand to your fans.  Most businesses now have facebook fan pages. But how do you attract fans to your facebook page? How do you create awareness and get the […]

Be Thankful – a Freelancers Thanksgiving

No matter your line of work, it is extremely important to not get too comfortable in the swing of things. When you become too comfortable, you tend to take things for granted. Working from home is one of those jobs that too many of us do; forgetting to look back […]

Don’t Get Stuck in Your Freelancing Comfort Zone

The great thing about working online is you do not have to leave your comfort zone. If you are only comfortable doing one type of thing (mine being writing), then that’s all you have to do. As I’ve become more familiar with working online, I have learned that it is […]

How Picky Should You Be as a Freelancer?

A lot of people ask me how picky they should be when selecting jobs online. As a writer, it can be very easy to try to take every single job because you’re trying to better your online resume and get your name out there. While this is all fine and […]