Three HOT Money Making Avenues for Freelance Writers

With the explosive growth of business possibilities on the World Wide Web, freelance writing for the Internet has become a huge money making industry. With so many great opportunities available to those interested in writing for the web there are writers of all skill sets starting online businesses. While it will take some work to become established in the online writing world it is possible to become success even if you have never been paid for anything that you have written.

So let’s dive right in and get to some hot money making avenues for freelance writers on the web.

Writing articles for websites is an extremely profitable niche to get into. Webmasters are always on the search for fresh original content for their websites. If you are able to create quality content within a reasonable amount of time you can base your entire web writing business solely on writing articles for websites.

The topics that you will be writing articles on will depend on the particular niche of the website. If you are writing for a cooking website you will be writing on topics like cooking tips and recipes if you are writing for a poker website you are going to likely be creating content concerning poker strategies.

To gain some experience in writing articles for the Internet sign up for a freelance bidding website such as Scriptlance, Elance, oDesk, etc. and place some bids for writing projects. You are not likely to make a huge profit on these projects but you will gain some much needed experience and exposure.

    Blogging is yet another blazing hot field for writers to get into. Blogs are enormously popular because they are short and easy to write and they can become indexed by search engines in as little as twenty-four hours. This fact alone makes blogs an essentially important part of online business and opens up many job opportunities for bloggers.

      As with creating articles for websites you can check out freelance bidding websites to find some blogging jobs to add to your portfolio. Additionally you could start your own blog on a topic that you enjoy writing about to get some practice and use as an example for potential clients to view.

      This next money making opportunity is more for more experienced writers. Once you have become an established web writer you need to turn your attentions to writing content for and building your own websites to resell. Since experienced web writers know exactly what kind of content is going to make a website great they can develop websites for people that are looking for a fast way to start an online business.

        So there you go – three super hot ways to making money on the World Wide Web by writing. So get out there and make use of your talents, as your skills increase so will your profits.  And remember, online forums are a great place to find work and clients, and generate ideas.

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