The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Freelancing Online.

Making money by freelancing online is a great way to earn a very good income. You are able to choose when and where you work, set your own prices and select your own projects. You are basically in charge of your own destiny. While this all sounds wonderful there are limitations to what you are able to do as a freelance professional.

If the world worked the way many freelancers hoped clients would be emailing them to offer work. The freelance professional would then get in contact with the potential client to get all the specifics of the proposed project. After the freelancer and the potential client have discussed the proposed project a rate would be set and either accepted or negotiated over until both sides where in agreement.

After an agreement has been reached the freelancer can get started on the project knowing full well what will be expected of them, when the project will be due and how long it will take to complete the entire project. Once the project is finished the freelancer will get paid and would be able to move on to the next project.

This situation sounds absolutely perfect however it is not often the reality for the new online freelancer and usually more seasoned freelancers as well. To find success as a freelancer online it is essential to have some type of online presence whether it be a website or a blog. Once you have that set up you need to learn how to effectively market your site as simply creating a website or blog is not going to mean business will start coming your way.

Now while you would like to focus simply on looking for projects in your chosen specialty there are many other things that also need your attention. You need to build a quality website and learn how to market it properly. You additionally need to concern yourself with advertising your website and making sure that you site is ranked as high among the search engines as it can be. All of this work can make you wonder if this is truly a worthwhile endeavor.

If all of this wasn’t enough to try and digest now throw in bidding websites. Freelance bidding sites can do several things for freelance professionals. They give you an opportunity to get your profile out on many different sites and you can’t beat that kind of promotion. Bidding websites allow you bid on numerous projects and set your own prices on these projects. Unfortunately bidding sites also allow you to spend many hours promoting yourself and your services while bidding on projects only to be underbid by someone asking pennies on the dollar.

This is incredibly frustrating but it does not mean that freelance bidding websites are a waste of time. If you are established on bidding websites then it is certainly worth it to take the time placing bids as you are quite likely to be getting the prices that you are asking to get for your time. If you are not yet established on bidding sites you it is a great idea to have other avenues of income available while you are making a name for yourself. This way you are not loosing out on earning money.

Being successful as an online freelancer is really all about what you choose to do. You can put in the time to establish yourself on freelance bidding websites or you can make yourself a website or blog to promote your services through other methods. If you are out to really make a go of your freelance career then you can do both.


Becoming a freelance professional on the World Wide Web can really give you control over your money making potential. With some time, a lot of hard work and a tom of ambition you can become a great success and meet whatever financial goals you have set for yourself.


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