Start Your Business at Home as a Freelance Writer

The most popular home based businesses to start are those that take little monetary investment. Establishing yourself as a freelance writer is a business you can do from home or anywhere in the world. The key to success as a freelance writer is knowledge of how to market yourself and focusing your writing on areas where your expertise lies.

Freelance writing as a home based business is easy to start up with relatively little monetary investment. Of course it is more than about just writing. You have to determine if you are skilled at writing and if you can market yourself in order to gain clients. It would also be beneficial if you determine some areas you have expertise in because these will probably be from where your best works will originate. Let’s look at some of these points to consider in more detail:

Can you do freelance writing? Be honest with yourself. You don’t necessarily need an English degree to do freelance writing although you will find most major in this area. What you need is a solid foundation and skill in writing that only comes from education and practice. Can you generate your own ideas, write them down, and expand on them? Can you formulate sentences that are in an informative and easy-to-read tone and grammatically correct? Are you writing in your native language? Unless you are very proficient in it, do not attempt to write in anything but your native language. You might consider yourself fluent in another language but because it is not your native language, you won’t be able to formulate the commonly-used phrases and words that no textbook will tell you, unless this is a language that you are very proficient in.

Have one or more specialized areas you can write in.  No one knows everything about everything. When you are doing freelance writing, you will have the greatest success when you know more than the average person about some area. Usually this knowledge comes from a combination of education and experience. For example, people who are educated and have experience in business plus have an ability to write do well writing business-related articles. A certified public accountant who also has writing ability will more than likely do well writing on taxation and generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP).

Do you have a marketing plan for your freelance writing? So you’ve determined you can write and you have a specialization. Have you researched the market for your style of freelance writing? If you don’t look at what people are buying in the way of articles, product reviews, e-books, and press releases then you are wasting your time with freelance writing and won’t be able to turn it into much profit at all. A good place to see what people are buying is to go to webmaster forums, freelance job bidding sites, and freelance writer blogs. There are so many of them and all it requires is going to a search engine like and typing in the words “freelance writing.” You can sell the works you write on webmaster forums or online marketplaces. Webmaster forums are great places to begin selling your own freelance writing works because web designers use the content to fill new or existing web sites.  Marketing your freelance writing can seem scary and many who do freelance writing mistakenly avoid it. But it is a very basic rule: You can’t sell what no one wants.

Are you willing to improve your knowledge? Freelance writing is not for everyone. You have to be the type of person who takes the initiative to read and stay up-to-date in your specialization subject area so that you can constantly come up with new ideas for articles and other writing works. In addition to new ideas, you want to stay abreast of updates in your specialization area so that your freelance writing will be accurate and beneficial to those who read it.

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