Should You Trust Your Clients?

One of the main problems I ran into when I first began working online was knowing who to trust and who to avoid. While it’s not always easy at first because you’re very new to things, there are a few ways you can try to avoid being put in a situation where you go unpaid for work you’ve completed.

Yes, not getting paid happens but it doesn’t have to. In the beginning of my online career, I was very trusting; too trusting and I paid the price for my actions. I used to work for someone, and continue working for them even when payments were not made. I truly thought I could trust the people I was working for at the time, and that they would pay me when they could.

These people came up with the most upsetting stories about how they lost their house, how someone in their family had just passed away or maybe that their hours had been cut at work. My care for people caused me to work for free without realizing it at the time. While non-payment can happen for legitimate reasons and some people are being honest, it’s best in the beginning of your online career, to avoid situations like this if possible.

By rejecting someone, you aren’t being rude; you are just protecting yourself and any honest person should understand that. If you say, “I hate to have to say this, but I’ve gone without payment in the past. I am going to have to wait until you are able to pay me before I continue working with you” you are being honest, and upfront as well as getting the point across. This is going to show your client that you take your work seriously and while you value them, you are also protecting yourself and your time. When you work online, you are your business and any good manager would protect their business from potential losses

When you work online, money is time. Every second gone unpaid is money lost, so it’s important to build trusting relationships early on. Even if you have to go as far as requiring partial payment up front, once that payment is received; that is going to let you know that the client is serious about working with you and is much less likely to not pay you in the future.

Of course, anything can happen. I’m sure there are cases where someone is consistently paying an individual and then they suddenly stop but as time goes on; you’ll learn how to read such people and these types of things will happen less and less often, if at all.

While being understanding is one thing, being overly trusting can end up getting you in bad situations where you end up losing out on money you deserve.

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