Increase your productivity at home by keeping the balance between work and family

If you make an income from home, it is very likely that at some point during the day there is some combination of children, pets and toys that are under, on top of or around your desk. If you do not have a space dedicated to working on your business then you are sure to be having some difficulty in working from home and maintaining your family life. While you might think that balancing you work and family is extremely hard it is possible to strike a balance between the two. Here are some greats steps that you can take to achieve success with this very task.

Obviously, you need to keep as much separation as possible between work and family. If you spend a good portion of business hours on the phone then get a separate business phone line in your home. Another option would be to get a cell phone to filed business related phone calls. Setting up an email address that is specifically for your business as well as having specific locations on your computer for your business documents are also some things that need to be done. This way your kids will not end up talking to important clients and there will be no unprofessional emails being sent out to business contacts.

You need to make a commitment to both your home business as well as your family. If you are working you need to finish what you are working on and not suddenly pack the kids up to go to the beach. On the other hand, if you are about to sit down with your family for dinner do not get up and start making business calls. If your family knows exactly when you are available to them then they are much more likely to let you work uninterrupted when it is time for your business hours.

No matter the amount of space you happen to be working with in your home make sure that there is a space completely dedicated to work. Even if this means there is one small shelf that contains your computer disks and other office supplies . You need to use whatever supplies that you need to get your work done and then replace them is their designated area as soon as work time is over.

Take excellent care of your computer so you do not bring your business to a crashing halt. Keep your anti-virus and anti-spyware updated and keep your computer free of unnecessary games. No computer to do business on is of course going to mean no money coming in.

Fight the temptation of doing business all day every day. A solid separation of work and family needs to be maintained. Your kids should not be seeing you on a laptop at their school program or fielding business calls at their sporting events. When it is family time your time needs to be devoted 100% to your family. They deserve nothing less then that.

Lastly, you need to plan for vacations. You would do that if you were working at a regular 9 to 5 job so why would you not plan for vacation time with a home based business. This allows for plenty of family fun and will save you from becoming burnt out running a business from home while helping raise your family.

Making sure to take that time of to rest and have some fun with have you coming back to your business well rested and more productive then ever.

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