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3 Deadly Facebook Advertising Mistakes

In the last post, we outlined three important reasons for using Facebook Ads to promote your Facebook Page.  It Facebook is the most popular social networking site on the planet. Although Google and Twitter are trying hard to take over the top spot, Facebook remains the place to be if you […]

Facebook Marketing Mistakes

Facebook Fan Page

3 Tips to Attract Fans to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is indisputably one of the most powerful social media platforms and consequently offers great potential to market yourself and your brand to your fans.  Most businesses now have facebook fan pages. But how do you attract fans to your facebook page? How do you create awareness and get the […]

Three HOT Money Making Avenues for Freelance Writers

With the explosive growth of business possibilities on the World Wide Web, freelance writing for the Internet has become a huge money making industry. With so many great opportunities available to those interested in writing for the web there are writers of all skill sets starting online businesses. While it […]