Build Your Work Around Your Life, not vice versa

We don’t receive many chances in life to be able to do what we want. Life always seems to have its own twists and turns that we have to ride on like a rollercoaster. The great thing about working online is that you are able to take charge of your own life. For the first time, you are going to be able to work when you want, play when you want and get it all done on your own terms.

This probably sounds unbelievable, right? Well, it’s not and I’m living proof of this. I came to a point in my life where I wasn’t happy any more. I was sick of the 9 to 5 job I was working, even though it had great pay and benefits. I felt like life was passing me by and I didn’t have any time to stop and enjoy what was going on around me. I was missing out on important family events and barely was able to spend quality time with anyone, except those I worked with. My life was completely consumed with my job. I found myself even dreaming about what I had to do the following day. I finally had to say “That’s enough” and figure something else out.

I started researching ways to make money from home and I was completely shocked by what I discovered. Not only can you do just about anything online and make money doing it, you can make enough to quit your day job as well. I was bursting with joy. Of course, in the beginning it was a bit tough. I had trouble selecting a niche and figuring out exactly what type of work I wanted to do.

After a few months, I decided forums were my thing. I enjoyed giving advice to those around me and helping them with their relationship problems. I was paid on a regular basis to post on various forums as well as moderate some of them. From there, I began writing research articles, product reviews and much more. The possibilities seemed endless.

I have met so many amazing people along the way and I can’t believe it’s going on two years now. While it was tough starting out because I had no idea what I was doing, it’s gotten much easier. I now have many clients that I trust and who send me work on a regular basis. It’s great to finally be able to say that I’m doing what I love. I’m happy to “go to work” each day. I love sitting in my pajamas, with my favorite book next to me and working while I read or while I watch TV. It’s wonderful to be able to set your own schedule and only work for the people you want to work for.

Since doing this, I’ve gotten much closer with my family and am actually able to watch them grow. I hope all of you can find the happiness that I have online!


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