A Work-at-Home Moms guide to getting organized.

As most all seasoned work at home moms know there is no time for disorganization. This can be an extremely hard thing to avoid though with children (no matter what their age), pets if you have them, housework and any number of other daily household occurrences. Throw a home based business or telecommuting job and you can have total chaos if you are not careful. Many moms that balance all of these things will tell you that there are simply not enough hours in the day.

If you are working from home a clean desk can be the difference from earning very little money and pulling in a very nice income for your family. So let us begin by taking a good look at your desk and trying to determine the source of the disorganization in your quest to earn a living from home.

The following is a few suggestions to decreasing the clutter that might be invading your life.

Let us get that mail in check. No matter if you work from home or not mail can be a huge contributor in cluttering up a space. Right this very second you need to get control of your mail. Deal with any mail that you get as soon as you get it. Do not simply put it down to deal with it later as this is how messes start. Answer what needs to be answered, throw away what should be thrown away and shred any sensitive information that you may need to dispose of. Any mail that does need to be saved should be stored either on a shelf or in a file cabinet that your children cannot get into so that it can be accessed whenever it is needed.

The next thing on our lists is working on finding appropriate places for computer disks and DVDs. You need to carefully label these disks and be sure that they are stored in the proper protective cases. As with your mail you should have an area that is well out of your children’s reach to store your business related computers disks and DVDs.

If you are sharing your workspace with anyone, you need to have some solid rules in place. There should be zero eating or drinking near the computer no matter who happens to be using the computer and there also should be carefully designated spaces for everyone’s computer disks and gadgets.

Office supplies such as paper and pens should be kept in a close but separate area near your computer desk. If you have a drawer on your desk that locks this is the perfect place to keep these essential business tools. They are safely tucked away from little hands but easily accessed when you need to utilize them. If you choose to go this route it is super important to keep the key in a place where you can easily locate it.

Being a mom is a full time job in itself but when you decide to work from home, it can become very stressful trying to keep everything together. Making sure that everything is well organized is the perfect way to get rid of a huge amount of stress in your day. You will find you have more time in your day to get all your work done so you have more time for the most important thing …your family.

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