3 Tips to Attract Fans to Your Facebook Page

Facebook is indisputably one of the most powerful social media platforms and consequently offers great potential to market yourself and your brand to your fans.  Most businesses now have facebook fan pages. But how do you attract fans to your facebook page? How do you create awareness and get the social proof that comes from having a huge facebook fanbase?

Marketing on Facebook is all about getting fans to “like” your page and then getting them to pay enough attention to your marketing message that you are able to build an ongoing relationship with them. A Facebook fan page can be one of the most cost effective business marketing methods available, but it is not a “set it and forget it” marketing tool. Here are 3 tips to help you attract more fans to your fan page and then turn them into customers.

Tip Number One:  Grab the vanity URL for your page as soon as possible.

In order to reserve the vanity URL, 25 people need to click your “Like” button. Rather than simply reserving your company name, consider reserving a name for your page that indicates what you do for your potential customers. This could be the name of your city combined with your business. For example, SpringfieldPlumber or  GeorgiaWebDesign or something similar will help attract the attention of local customers. Of course, you will also want to reserve your company name as well.

Tip Number Two:  Create unique and engaging content which you post only on your page.

Post links to your website content on your fan page, but don’t let that rehashed content be the only information available. Give your followers some unique quality content. Make sure that your content answers the questions or provides solutions to the problems your potential customers have. Feel free to continue to link out from your Facebook page to your website, but don’t let that content be the only thing readers find there. Give them a good reason to follow both your website and page.

Tip Number Three: Use other social media to promote the unique content on your page.

Once you have posted great content on your Facebook page, use Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+ and other social media and bookmarking sites to spread the word. Make it easy for your current fans to share that content by creating an interesting and engaging first paragraph. In addition, post the link to your fan page on all your other social networking profiles.

Promoting your business on Facebook can be very lucrative, but it is, above all else, a social website. If you want to attract attention to your page and keep potential customers coming back, you must respect that people do not come to Facebook to be marketed to. They want to know what is going on with their friends and with their community. Always keep that fact in mind and you will be far ahead of all those marketers who simply create a fan page that is little more than a static advertisement that belongs in a newspaper.

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