3 Reasons Why You Should Use Facebook Ads to Promote Your Facebook Page

Creating a Facebook page is an extremely cost effective method to promote your business. After all, building a Facebook page is free. However, a Facebook page is only effective if you can increase the number of people who are interested enough in the content on your Facebook page to “Like” your page and to pay attention to it after they do.

Here are 3 compeling reasons you should use Facebook social ads to help build your pages fan base.

Reason Number 1: They enable you to quickly attract fans that are already using Facebook.

You can definitely spend a lot of time interacting with potential fans in order to get them to “like” your page, but wouldn’t you rather spend that time actually taking care of your business? Facebook ads can quickly expose you to fans who are already interested in your type of business and Facebook social ads allow those fans to “like” your page directly from the advertisement. The friends of those people will see that they have joined the page and this will massively increase the return on your advertising investment.

Reason Number 2: They make it possible for potential customers to interact with your business without ever leaving Facebook

Facebook is a social website where your new potential customers already feel comfortable. Unlike other forms of promotion such as Google Adwords or even print ads, Facebook advertisements don’t have to take your potential customers out of their comfort zone when they click on them. In fact, many don’t even realize that they are clicking on a paid ad. Either they “like” the page directly from the advertisement and it begins to show up in their newsfeeds or they click on the ad and visit to see your content. Either way, the new potential customer stays within an environment they are already comfortable in. This makes engaging their attention and gaining their trust much easier.

Reason Number 3: They are very easy to target, test and track.

Facebook allows you to easily target your advertisements to groups of people who most likely to already be interested in the goods or services your business is selling. In addition, Facebook allows you to run multiple ads and split test different headlines, different text and different graphics all at the same time. You only have to pay for clicks on the ads which work. In addition, Facebook has an excellent system for tracking clicks and for tracking page activity. This allows you to easily optimize your advertising to get the best results.

Facebook ads are a very inexpensive method for rapidly increasing the number of fans who are paying attention to your page. Every business with a fan page to promote ought to be using Facebook social ads.

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